EFTA Experts Seconded to Eurostat

There are several seconded statistical experts representing EFTA States in Eurostat. These secondments are important as they secure the exchange of knowledge and promote integration of the European Statistical System.

At this time there are three categories of Seconded National Experts (SNEs):

  • EEA EFTA SNEs: Seconded experts as a contribution in kind for the publication and the dissemination of EEA EFTA statistical data.
  • EFTA SNEs: Seconded experts as a contribution in kind from the EFTA Secretariat to the statistical cooperation programmes of Eurostat. This category of SNE is governed by an Administrative Arrangement on technical cooperation between EFTA and Eurostat. 
  • Swiss Bilateral SNEs: Seconded experts as a contribution in kind by Switzerland.


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EFTA EEA Seconded National Experts to Eurostat
Salah Eddine Ziade Norway G2/Structural Business Statistics: Quality assurance and Financial Annexes +352 4301 37397
Vidar Lund Norway E6/Transport +352 4301 37620
Ole Villund Norway F4/Crime Statistics +352 4301 38550
Håvard Lien Norway F3/Labour market +352 430 135 226
EFTA Seconded National Experts to Eurostat
Marius Andersen Norway A3/Statistical Cooperation - EU Enlargement +352 430 137 501

Steinn Kári Steinsson 


A3/Statistical Cooperation - European Neighbourhood Policy

+352 4301 33067
Swiss Seconded National Experts to Eurostat
Paul Camenzind Switzerland F4/Income and Living Conditions: Quality of Life +352 4301 33221
Fritz Gebhard Switzerland E2/Environmental Statistics and Accounts; Sustainable Development +352 430 134 864


EEA Introductory Seminar

This introductory seminar is intended to provide professionals, both inside and outside the European Union, with a thorough understanding of the Agreement on the European Economic Area and how it integrates Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway into the EU’s Internal Market.