Technical Cooperation

The overall objective of EFTA technical cooperation in the field of statistics is to promote and develop close links between the EFTA States and Eurostat and other international organisations such as the UNECE in a number of programmes for technical cooperation in the field of statistics. Through such cooperation, EFTA is seeking active and visible participation in the planning, execution and revision of EFTA/EU projects.

The availability of impartial and reliable statistical information is widely considered as a prerequisite for a democratic society and a necessary condition for the smooth running of a competitive market economy. Thus, EFTA and the EU have a common interest in assisting countries neighbouring the enlarged EEA to develop their statistical methods and standards in line with international norms.

EFTA gives priority to countries that have concluded Declarations on Cooperation or Free Trade Agreements with EFTA. Support is mainly granted to developing countries and economies in transition in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Mediterranean countries, i.e. regions comprising recent and future partner countries of EFTA at the boundary of the EU.

Technical cooperation between EFTA States and Eurostat is based on an Administrative Arrangement, including the provision of Seconded National Experts.

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